Care worker on Better Caring teaches people who are ageing how to use technology

Aged Care November 1, 2016
Meet Shane, Care Worker on Better Caring

Meet Shane, Care Worker on Better Caring

This week, I interviewed Shane, care worker on the Better Caring platform. Shane, along with other care workers on Better Caring, specialises in teaching people who are ageing how to use technology.

In my interview with Shane, he mentioned that having witnessed his grandfather being scammed by a forged email, he saw the need to raise awareness on how to safely use technology. There is so much to be gained from technology!” said Shane, who wants to ensure his clients do not let the fear of being scammed stop them from using the Internet.

If you would like to introduce your loved one to technology and you don’t have enough time to teach them how to navigate a tablet, smartphone or laptop, there are care workers on the Better Caring platform like Shane who are positive and passionate about helping people who are ageing feel empowered by technology.

Technology is not only a great source of entertainment for people who are ageing it also has a number of positive benefits. Research suggests that people who are ageing who use technology have improved mental capabilities than those who don’t use technology. Other studies have shown that using technology also lowers the risk of dementia and depression.

Shane specialises in teaching people how to navigate:

  • Google
  • Email
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Google Doc’s
  • Useful iPhone apps… such as Uber, and more!

Click Here to hire Shane directly via Better Caring. Please note, you will need to be logged into your Better Caring account to see Shanes profile.

Click here if you would like to sign up as a client on Better Caring. You can also contact our support team on 1300 73 65 73 or email us at for more information.

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Natasha Trgo

Natasha Trgo is Marketing Coordinator at Better Caring, a community of independent care workers offering their services directly to clients.

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