New features and improvements Tue 14th June

Aged Care, Care Workers, Consumers, Disability June 14, 2016

Good news! At 6pm tonight AEST (Tuesday 14th of June) Better Caring will be rolling out some new features and improvements to our website.

Clients who are logged in will be able to search for a specific care worker

If you had a particular care worker in mind, you can now search by entering the first name of the worker. E.g. “Lisa”.


Improvements to Care Worker sign up
Care workers who have a qualification that is not included in our standard list can now type in the name of the qualification and it will appear on their profile. Please note this qualification will be verified by our Support Team.


Email alerts for clients
Clients will now receive an email when new care workers have signed up in their area.


You will still be able to access the platform while these updates are in progress.

However, if you experience any issues during the upgrade please log out, refresh the page, and log back in. If the problem persists call us on 1300 73 65 73 or email

We’re looking forward to these new features going live! If you have any questions about the new features please do not hesitate to call us.


The Team at Better Caring

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