Questions we need to ask our ageing loved ones

Aged Care October 4, 2017

We’ve been writing recently about the power of art therapy in unlocking the past for people who are ageing, especially if they have dementia. And many of Better Caring’s care workers have shared just how valuable it is for their clients to be able to reminisce over a cup of coffee. As their family members, we probably often wish we took more of an opportunity to learn more about them. We have listed some questions which might assist you in speaking to your loved one about their past. Looking through old photo albums together could also help stimulate conversations about the past. You might gain a new perspective of your loved one and may even learn a thing or two yourself!

  1. Who has influenced you the most in your life?
  2. What was your first job? What was your favourite job?
  3. What were your hobbies when you were younger? What are your hobbies now?
  4. What world events had the most impact on you?
  5. What are some important lessons you feel you have learned over the course of your life?
  6. Do you have a lost love?
  7. What technology do you find useful? What do you find complicated? (You will be surprised how tech savvy your loved one will become if you take the time to teach them! Check out: 4 reasons why seniors are using technology…. maybe they could find their lost love…..!)
  8. What are you most proud of?
  9. Do you regret anything?
  10. What is your earliest memory?
  11. What was the trend when you were younger? Hairstyles? Clothes? Can you show me some pictures?
  12. What was your wedding like?
  13. What’s the secret to a happy marriage?
  14. What was the happiest moment in your life?
  15. Is there anything you have ever wanted to tell me?
  16. How would you like your children and grandchildren to remember you?
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