How are care workers ranked in search results?

Aged Care, Care Workers, Consumers, Disability February 2, 2016

The Better Caring platform makes life easier for clients when searching for Care Workers by providing a ranking system that puts the best matches at the top of search results.

The top 3 spots in Search Results are ranked by a combination of:

  1. Location

The proximity of your address to the care worker’s address. Local care workers will be ranked at the top of search results.

  1. Customer Feedback Ranking

You can provide feedback to the care workers you book. Care workers who have positive feedback from other clients will appear at the top of your search results.

  1. Better Caring Badges

The Better Caring team assigns badges to care workers. Care workers awarded with a Better Caring badge appear at the top of search results.

More information about what our badges mean

Better Caring BadgeDescription on profileCharacteristics
Bronze Badgebronze badge“Experience using the Better Caring system. Appears motivated to build their business”Show commitment

• Familiar with Better Caring platform
• Has read through the care worker guide and the Better Caring code of ethical conduct
• Responds to clients promptly, clearly and politely within 24 hours
• Attends Better Caring meet-ups and industry training
• Understands the duty of care to the client – the safety of client and themselves is paramount
• Keeps “availability” up to date on your profile
• Has a professional voice mail message
• Stays in contact with our Customer Care Team
Silver BadgeSilver badge“Experience using the Better Caring system. Has proven reliable in service delivery to clients”Evidence of commitment
Bronze plus:

• Positive feedback from clients
• Indications of being reliable based on client feedback
• Puts a Better Caring client first – sees then as their client and sees the long term value of a relationship
Gold Badgegold badge“Uses the Better Caring system to manage their business. Has consistent positive feedback from a range of clients.”Proof of Commitment
Silver plus:

• Positive feedback from multiple clients
• Understands and consistently delivers person centred care
• Shares their experiences with other care and support workers
• A model independent care worker
• Has developed buddy relationships with other care workers and has back-up plans

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