How to add Better Caring to your iPhone’s home screen

Aged Care, Care Workers, Consumers, Disability November 16, 2015

Your iPhone home screen isn’t just for apps – you can also add shortcuts to your most frequently accessed websites to your home screen!

Follow these simple and easy steps of how to add Better Caring to your iPhone’s home screen:

1. Firstly, open Safari and type ‘’ in the URL

2. After loading our Better Caring webpage, at the bottom of the screen you will see an icon with an arrow in a box. Click on this button!

iPhone screenshot

3. This button will launch a few options – click ‘add to home screen’

iPhone screenshot

4. Your iPhone will ask you what you would like to call your home screen icon – type in ‘Better Caring” and then click ‘Add’

iPhone screenshot

5. After clicking ‘Add’ – the Better Caring webpage shortcut will now be saved and accessible via your home screen!

iPhone Homescreen Icon



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