BYO worker: 10 reasons to invite someone from your community into the Better Caring community

Aged Care, Allied health, Consumers, Disability February 22, 2018

Have you been supported by a friend, neighbour or someone in your community who made an impression? You really enjoyed spending time together and it just clicked. Maybe you have a really good physio, occupational therapist, psychologist or speech pathologist. Or a personal trainer or swimming buddy to keep you motivated. Why would you want to switch? The good news is that you can invite these people to join the Better Caring platform and become part of your support team.

Bringing your own workers to the platform has a number of benefits:

  1. You have a history. Your worker may already be supporting some of your goals. Or get things done around the house just the way you like them. The relationship is already in place.
  2. A fast-tracked onboarding process. If you invite someone to join the platform, we can prioritise their onboarding so insurances, police checks and reference checks are all taken care of faster. Meaning that you can pick up where you left off, sooner.
  3. It saves time. You’ll spend less time searching for and interviewing workers, but of course that option is there when you want back-up.
  4. You get access to Australia’s largest online community of support workers. What this means is that when your regular worker needs time off, together you can find a buddy to cover those shifts. You might even decide to find a worker to help you coordinate your wider team. Maybe your local community doesn’t have all the supports you were looking for. But this one does.
  5. You can manage your team all in one place. Scheduling and payment are easier when it’s all done in the same place. On our easy to use dashboard, you’ll be able to see timesheets, shift notes and more.
  6. Funding made easy. If you have a Home Care Package, you can generally use the platform through your approved provider. You can also opt to self-manage by hosting your funding with one of our approved providers, opting into as much or as little case management support as you like. If you have NDIS funding, it’s possible to use Better Caring whether you are self-managing, plan managing or agency managing.
  7. More hours of support. Rates and services are negotiable between you and the worker. Depending on how you use your NDIS or Home Care Package funding through the platform, you can get more hours of support for your money.
  8. All the admin taken care of. All the paperwork is one place and you can be sure we’re across it.
  9. Peace of mind. Better Caring arranges a top level of insurance cover on behalf of workers for any work delivered and paid for through the platform.
  10. Our team is available to support you. Based in Sydney, we spend all day, every day, supporting clients through the process of signing up and finding the right support.


What happens next? Give us a call on 1300 73 65 73 and let us know who’s joining the Better Caring community so we can make sure they are fast-tracked. We can also have a chat about building and managing your wider team.

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