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Aged Care, Care Workers, Consumers, Disability February 26, 2018

We’re here to connect people looking for care and support with those who want to provide it. Giving you the freedom to be in control of your life and connected to your community.  Maybe you’ve created an account on Mable and you’ve had a browse, but you haven’t got around to approaching workers or trying out the Post a Job feature just yet. It’s easy to get busy and watch the weeks slip away. Whether you have specific goals, want to improve your well-being or there’s something you’ve always wanted to try, here are some ideas for how finding and hiring the right worker on Mable can help you get there.

Get fully engaged

When we are fully engaged in something, time stops and we forget all else. Maybe there’s a hobby you’ve abandoned but you’d like to take up again.

Why not find the guitar, fishing rod, knitting needles, paints or squash racquet and choose a worker to start that hobby again with you? The workers on our platform have interests just as unique and diverse as yours, and most identify these on their profile. From surf instructors to guitar teachers and musicians, you’ll find someone who is just as into it as you are.

Get out and about

Research has shown that isolation activates the pain centres in the brain. Social connection is one of the most important ingredients in your recipe for a happy life. Maybe you’re not getting out to see relatives or friends anymore, or having them around to visit like you used to.

How about reconnecting with a friend and booking a worker who can take you places to do just that? There are also plenty of workers out there who will share your love of coffee and a good natter if you’d like some regular companionship.

Find the ‘wow’

Having a purpose gives meaning to our lives. It’s about finding something greater than yourself. It can take different forms, whether it’s volunteering or being involved in community events. It’s also about transcendence, those awe-inspiring moments you experience through singing or an outing in nature.

Many workers through Mable have supported clients to participate more fully in the community as well as make an excursion into the bush or down to the beach.

Take care of yourself

Exercise is the ultimate feel good hit. With increased blood flow to the brain, you instantly feel more alert. Exercise also triggers endorphins and bumps up serotonin, both contributing to a positive lift in your mood. If you need assistance to get out and do it, or a physio to tend to some aches and pains first, have a search on the Mable platform. You can also hire someone to help you with a meal plan and some preparation.

Tick it off a list

By setting realistic goals and achieving them, you get a strong sense of accomplishment. Why not plan to put in place even small changes? Maybe you want to de-clutter the study. Maybe the garden needs some work. Or you’d like support to go and do a course.

Whatever it is, there’s bound to be a worker on the Mable platform who can help you get it done.

How to stick to your plans? Tell a family member or friend (or worker) about them, make goals small and measurable, and give yourself a deadline.

You can use your funding to find and hire your own care or support workers through Mable. You can also invite workers in your community to sign up. If you’d like to know more about how it works, just give us a call on 1300 73 65 73 or email us at

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