Home Care Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate how many hours of care and support you could receive per week, depending on the fees charged by your provider and the hourly rate you pay for services.

Note: This calculator should only be used as a guide. Funding allocations are revised periodically, and you may not be required to make a personal contribution depending on your specific circumstances.


  • Home Care Package

    Enter the details of your Home Care Package
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 100.
  • Your personal contributions are higher than the total value of the Home Care Package. You should consider not taking a package and paying privately for services.
  • Your Funds and Hours

    The calculations below estimate the total amount of funding the government would contribute to your package, how much you would need to pay (personal contribution), and the hours per week of care or support your could receive after provider fees are deducted.
  • Change the fees and/or hourly rate to see how this changes the number of hours you receive
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